Sunday, May 13, 2007

Go Go Go Joseph

We all piled in the bus and headed off to Blackpool yesterday to see Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the Grand Theatre. On the surface we were doing it as a treat for our Joseph's 8th birthday, but the truth is we would have gone anyway.

It was a superb performance which had the kids engrossed. Like a lot of places in Blackpool there's a faded glory about the Grand Theatre, but the staff had a real dignity about them and cared about the experience we had there. Their website is here.

The touring performance - linked here - is well worth catching and I'm sure the cast we saw would be more than capable of holding their own on a West End stage; thus completely ruling out the need for the current snotfest on BBC 1 which we refer to as Any Queen Will Do. I watched it at Center Parcs by mistake and decided the main purpose of it was to provide sexual bait for that bloke out of Torchwood or Denise van Outen. On a casual revisit two weeks ago not much has changed.

But poor old Blackpool. We couldn't get away quick enough and no matter how hungry we all were at 7pm we wouldn't have contemplated having tea in a cafe or restaurant in the town centre due to the number of yobs roaming the streets. The shopping centre is being rebuilt, which is a good start, but there is so much to be done. The prom, the tower and the theatre we went to all have a magic about them that makes the rest of the seediness all the more tragic.

PS And the reason I'm sat here on Sunday afternoon typing away with Radio 5 on in the background and getting text alerts from Ewood Park is because this is a brief rest period. Joe had his first holy communion this morning, he's at the pictures this afternoon watching Spiderman 3 with his mates while me and Rachel are off to see The Jam (no Paul Weller, mind) in Preston tonight. Review tomorrow if I get a chance.

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