Thursday, October 19, 2006

What a crock

I was at an awards do last night - one of ours, as it goes. Neil Tague - raised in Wilmslow, lives in Cheadle - has kindly reviewed the new Channel 4 series Goldplated.

"The blingo cards were at the ready and Channel 4 didn’t disappoint. Sports cars crunching over the gravel outside big house? Check? Gaudy jewellery? Check. Cocaine being snorted off expensive-looking furniture? Check.

"The first episode of Goldplated, Channel 4’s new drama set among North Cheshire’s nouveau riche was everything predicted by the sort of cynics who predicted “a Hollyoaks with Botox” earlier this year.

"In tellyland, Northerners either live in scummy tower block hell or something approaching the Palace of Versailles with no in between. The self-delusions and self-hatred of those who cross the divide is a story already told many times, all better than this. It was pitiful – Footballers Wives without the humour, appealing characters and action. 0/10."

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