Friday, October 20, 2006

Save the Gormleys

The Gormleys at Crosby are going after a totally unacceptable and
appalling decision by a planning committee. If you want to join me
in protesting at this nonsense, here are a couple of email addresses: (chair of planning committee) (contact person for Sefton
Coastal Partnership)

Given the time taken for appeals, I doubt if anything can be done,
but it would be awful if this decision went by without some kind of
The pic above appears in The Guardian today in an excellent piece by David Ward.

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Steve Connor said...

With 4 out of 5 locals saying 'YES' to the Gormleys it'd be crazed to let some Tory councillors and a couple of jet-skiers stand in the way of one of the most genuinely popular pieces of public art I've come across. If you want to do something about it., email the councillor responsible, Debi Jones, on