Friday, March 24, 2023

Stadio Olimpico for the Rome derby

Friends, food and football all made for a lovely weekend break for Rachel Louise and I in Rome last week.

We also went to a firework display where a game of football broke out.

Lazio v Roma was definitely one of the edgiest sporting duels I've ever been to.

As birthday boy Michael Stephenson summed up: "A quick tram ride and a disturbing stroll past an obelisk with the word ‘Mussolini’ on it take us to the gates of the stadium and a ‘Herr Bartlett’ moment when the names on the tickets of Rachel and Michael don’t match the ones on their ID. Some brilliant blagging by Rachel gets us all into the Tribuna Tevere and the puzzling instruction from a steward that we can sit anywhere we like.

"We then spend 90 minutes watching a very ordinary football match (thank you Mourinho, you boring shitty scummy little turd) but marvelling at the electric atmosphere generated by both the Roma and Lazio supporters."

This was ground number 171 that I've watched football on.

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