Friday, January 28, 2022

The end of The Marple Leaf is nigh

We've put our house up for sale and are probably going to move out of Marple.

That's of little or no interest to anyone outside of our family and close friends, and we're not planning on going far. I'm remarkably unsentimental about it, but it does create a slight problem for my social media identities.

This blog started in 2006 when we moved here, my Twitter and Insta accounts followed.

The other thing is, blogs are sort of over aren't they? I have outlets for the things people want to read about, food, football and music and the sort of long post that gets lots of likes on LinkedIn. Having this outlet for political commentary probably prevents me from pushing hard enough to places where it contributes to a wider debate.

It's not a decision I have to make today, but I will throw it out there. The response will certainly influence what I decide to do. 


Unknown said...

Keep it up, you write so well, all the best and good luck with your move, Will

Unknown said...

Keep it going, the sentiment is the same and I have read your blogs since the start!

Anonymous said...

The Marple Leaf is required reading here - please keep it going!

David Parkin said...

Speak for yourself about blogs being over!
I'll read it whatever you write on any platform you are on.

Truc on Rovers said...

Ditto all of the above dear Michael. I thought I knew you well but I know you so much better after reading Marple Leaf over the years. Trev

rheggie said...

Funny as I always associate "Marple Leaf" with you Michael with no geographical link. The Marple Leaf transcends geography! Write on Michael, Write on!