Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Day 17 - he's finally flipped, he's talking about trousers

I may have reached peak lockdown cabin fever madness with this blog, but I need to say it. I've always had problems with my trousers. I just don't feel either comfortable, or right, in pretty much anything except jeans. Working from home has been liberating in one small sense. Not having formal meetings, or events, or politicians and special visitors around, means I have four suits hanging up in the wardrobe that haven't been worn this year. A couple of them were looking a bit ragged anyway and I'm tempted to bin them for good. I particularly hate another one I have which only comes out for weddings. 

I've found some dark trousers from Uniqlo that work alright with smart shoes and are OK for work, but they're a bit narrow. I've been told it rocks my "Danish architect" look, though I'm not sure that's a compliment.

I also hate chinos. I immediately think they make me look like I'm off to Twickenham. I bought a pair of neutral stone coloured ones from Community Clothing but ended up getting them taken in. Though they're comfy, they're still not quite right for me.

This is probably a load of self-indulgent bollocks, but I am trying to make positive and progressive purchasing choices. This means shopping at good retailers, ditching fast fashion and thinking of craftsmanship and provenance. 

So, in that spirit, I stumbled on Tim at This Thing of Ours, in a unit at Hatch. He totally sold me on a pair of loose fitting cords from a Korean brand called Uniform Bridge. They've been my go-to non jeans this autumn and they look and feel ace, hanging nicely onto whatever I've got on my feet. . 

Next, I was put on to these deep navy Roots trousers from a niche brand called Arhto (top). I got these ridiculously cheap in a flash sale and they're so gooood. The material is a midweight canvas, but it's the cut that's quite unlike any others I've worn before; lower cut crotch with a slight taper at the ankle. The rear pockets are also like an inverted fatigue style. And they have a button fly; really smart buttons too. 

Outdoor wise, I still prefer walking in shorts, even on a winter grueller. I've got some Fjallraven multi-pocket utility long walking trousers, which are practical enough, but frankly are like a chocolate fireguard when it rains. I tried the waxing thing but it didn't work. For our last yomp over the West Pennine Moors I wore these mammoth Haglofs bib and brace snowboarding pants, which may have been over the top for what I was doing, but they absolutely did the trick. Being so big too, there's plenty of space to layer up underneath, the technical knowledge of which has been a genuine revelation in recent months.

I think I may have temporarily solved the pant dilemma, but the search goes on and recommendations are very welcome.


Jack Kirby said...

For walking I've been wearing Rohan Dry Requisite trousers for the last 15+ years. https://www.rohan.co.uk/mens-travel-and-outdoor-trousers-dry-requisite-trousers-aw18 Ignore that they look a bit like chinos - I don't like normal chinos either. They genuinely do keep you dry, go through the washing machine on a gentle cycle (specialist detergent such as Nixwax Techwash best), and no messing around with overtrousers required. Expensive but I've never regretted having dry legs. My off-duty wardrobe is nearly all by Howies. https://howies.co.uk/collections/mens-jeans-trousers

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