Saturday, November 24, 2018

My mate Mike Emmerich #27

Today is a very happy day. It's therefore a good opportunity to add a good friend to the "my mate" list. I liked Mike Emmerich from the first time I met him, mainly because he's clever, he's decent and he's committed to making the world a better place as an economist.

But we properly became good pals about six years ago when we embarked on an idea to get Manchester discussing. With Martin Carr we ended up with Discuss Manchester. I look back on the sheer scale of our events and achievements and it was bloody brilliant.

In the course of all of that we went through a lot, some of it together. I say this delicately, but he isn't easy to work with. He challenges, he questions and he won't settle for second best. I like that. Part of the experience of working with him encouraged me that a good place to end up would be amongst academics and university enterprise people.

All that makes him sound like a boffin, but his wide hinterland - which sadly includes supporting Manchester United - gives him a real richness. I have also never laughed as much as I have on nights out with Mike and Martin. Sweary, puerile, bombastic, but always clever and always funny.

When he rang to tell me he was seeing Jessica I was thrilled for him. I thought they were a perfect match. Today is the day we toast their marriage. See you later, comrade.   

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