Thursday, July 21, 2016

Corbyn's hopeless performance at PMQs is a willful act of trolling

Just watch the video above. There is no spin required. There is no mainstream media manipulation, neither is there any plot from Blairite backstabbers failing their leader that has created this pitiful display. Just a woeful performance from the worst opposition leader I have ever seen.

I have constantly scratched my head at the appeal of Jeremy Corbyn. I just don't get it, so I'm probably the worst person to even try. It's not that I wasn't prepared to give him a chance, I just never thought it would go well. When I said that the party had given up being a serious party of opposition in favour of being a protest movement (five minutes after his election), I was accused of spouting bitter rubbish. I was right though.

Even his plea for kinder gentler politics - something I would support, but didn't believe - has been a failure, especially when you see the bile that his acolytes come out with. Last night Chris Williamson (not an MP) said there were Labour MPs who were "sleeper agents" activated by Tory campaign chief Lynton Crosby. A brick through an office window becomes a trigger for an entirely alternative narrative, based on whatever set of unknowns they want to construct or believe. There are literally no words. 

His barmy army of followers always have an excuse. Someone is out to get him, his words are taken out of context, it's the MSM, or the Blairites. It is deluded paranoid nonsense.

I just think he's trolling the PLP now. He is basically saying: 'I really don't give a toss about this, just watch me win, just wait until you see me at the Momentum rally with my adoring crowds, yes I'll ramble on about "austerity" and "human rights" and "peace" with the same stump speech I always give, but just you watch them lap it up. Watch the cult of Jeremy sweep me back to be leader of a party that you've screwed up.' 

He's not even attempting to lead them. He's going through the motions. He wants them all gone. He could stop even pretending to go to PLP meetings, he could go to Cuba Solidarity rallies instead of campaigning on something relevant and it would still achieve his aim, to wind up the rest of the MPs and anyone who doesn't support him. He wants them all deselected, replaced with more like Richard Burgon and my former MP Diane Abbott, possibly the worst politician I have ever voted for.

So, you either think that PMQs matters, because a good performance on it will lead the news that night, or that doing any media interview matters, that communicating with the public is worth doing, that developing a policy platform to win over former Tory voters matters, or you don't. And if you don't then maybe you just want to build a protest movement and go on marches and shout about the wicked Tories. I don't. I want Labour to be a serious party again.

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