Saturday, May 09, 2015

The longer view - five paths to clearing my head post-election

OK, I'm going to take a week to work this through. I've got an incredible amount of thinking and sorting to do, as well as computing what has gone on in the election and what's going to happen next. Rather than blurt it all out I'm going to take a few days to position these thoughts into some kind of order and do a blog on each of these topic headings.

I'm really interested in what friends and colleagues think, so please email me or give me a call, or tweet or Facebook, or whatever. Remember me in your prayers too.

But in some kind of order, this is the agenda.

1. (Sunday) Why we lost nationally, the 5 key moments that told me it was like 1992 all over again.

2.  (Monday) Our campaign lessons locally, again, learnings from 5 key themes.

3. (Tuesday) How we as a party operate and oppose in the next few years. What are the 5 main strategic objectives and how do we tactically achieve them?

4. (Wednesday) How Labour can win again - I'm leaving this until later in the week because it will inevitably draw on the debates around the leadership and the personalities pushing themselves or being talked up by colleagues.

5. (Thursday) Work life balance. This whole process of being a candidate has been exhilarating, it has filled me with purpose and by jove we all need that don't we? But I also need to get my head around what else I want to do, what I need to do and what I get fulfilment from. It's time to revive this blog, for a start, to think freely again, but I also need to earn a living.

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