Friday, March 13, 2015

Campaigning update

We had a very successful fundraiser for the parliamentary election campaign last night. My election agent Navendu (pictured right) did a superb job of organising it, securing Chris Williamson MP (left) and Tony Lloyd (third right) as speakers. We were also supported by an impressive show of strength by the Stockport Labour councillors and Afzal Khan MEP (second left). 
But most of all it was a good night to remind ourselves what our campaign and our vision is around here, that we have dedicated and devoted activists who support our candidates, organise in our communities. I also really like my Labour colleagues. I haven't known many of them for long, but they're great people who I feel inspired by and enjoy their company. It really helps.  
I'll try and update this blog with a few more things from the campaign. But the local party website is here.

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