Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mental strength and football

Quick one. Went to Manchester City v Stoke City today and was reminded of why I so fondly remember Mark Hughes' time as Rovers manager. They mugged a 1-0 win with a goal from Diouf which he scored too few of for us, but the resolute defending took me back to the Samba, Nelsen pairing at their "never say Dai" best under the Welsh management team of Hughes, Bowen and Niedweski.
Stoke parked the bus, for sure, but they had more clear shots on goal over the game than Man City who tried to play it through the middle via Toure and Silva when that clearly wasn't working.
I also noticed that Gary Bowyer today has said Rovers need to toughen up defensively. Go and watch how Stoke set up and have a plan Gary. Surely there's a Sparky manual left around in the dressing room somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Not the easiest phrase for me to never use - I work for DAI!

Yep Sparky's doing well at Stoke. Kept the grit but added enough flair up the other end to please the fans & ergo chairman.

Bit of a coupon buster though eh!

Clubtray Football said...

In reality, reaching the finishing line and signing a pro contract, is just as much about mental strength, as it is a gift from the football gods. It's up to coaches and ...