Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Rhodes stays - glimmer of light at Blackburn Rovers?

I spoke to a mate today who said the win against Bolton was the most fun he'd had at Ewood Park since the day before Sam Allardyce joined. It was like the 80s. A team with names you can pronounce, honest players grafting out a win over local rivals and a decent atmosphere. OK, two wins don't make a table storming run. But six points is a good return. But the news that will have excited most Rovers fans is that Jordan Rhodes is staying.

I heard last week that Wigan were very confident they'd got their man. And the Daily Mail is reporting today that the player is disappointed not to be going. This is the smoke and mirrors world of football managers and agents at work. Engineering discontent.

I'm also pleased that Pedersen and Givet are moving on. They made a contribution to better times, but they need to be playing somewhere else now. I still don't demur from the view that the presence of Venky's is destructive, but it seems like we're stuck with them. I also think we're stuck in this division for a while. The team Gary Bowyer has built is suited to it. Luck can get you up, or swing against you and send you down. This at least feels stable, which has to be something.

None of the good news masks the underlying problem at Ewood. I think there's a black hole in the finances. I have long since stopped trying to apply logic to what Venky's may do next.

I have also accepted an invitation to go to the Huddersfield game at the end of the month. My Rovers supporting sons will be delighted. We've stayed away as a protest, because I want our Rovers back. The question is which Rovers we're getting back. The honest one will do.

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Savio Mathias said...

I would say a blackburn rovers that does not include Shebby Singh would be a massive improvement on what we've had in the past.