Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Vote for Marple, Vote against cynicism

It's the local elections tomorrow. Here in Marple South we have a choice to vote for a candidate who has taken the local voters for granted and doesn't believe in anything except being in office.

I'm going to reject that tomorrow.

I hope you do too. If you believe in small government, are against waste and want a councillor who will work hard for this community, as he looks to make his mark in politics, then vote for Carl Rydings.

If you want to register your discontent with the coalition government, then don't stay at home and grumble, don't accept the cynical mewlings of the Lib Dems that Labour can't win here. They don't know that. It was said that George Galloway couldn't win in Bradford, and he did. These are extraordinary times in politics. If you support Labour, then support the Labour candidate. Only by seeing evidence of a bedrock of support can Labour build up a functioning campaigning force in this community.

And if you are concerned about immigration and Europe and all those Daily Mail issues, then that's your right. There is a UKIP candidate.

But please vote. I'm not going to give you the reasons why you should vote for Shan Alexander, because I've had four leaflets through my door telling me why and none of the reasons amount to anything. They are just tepid slogans and claims for credit for things that have nothing or little to do with her. It is dog dirt politics of the worst kind and it's time we said enough is enough.

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Catholic Left-winger said...

Best of luck to you Michael. I am not convinced that your man will do it but Labour may help him.