Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why Pacer trains break down

There's a piece in Private Eye about how poor old Northern Rail are starved of subsidy and investment and that their vile 1980s Pacer trains are prone to breaking down a lot.

I spoke to a guard recently who explained that they often run out of fuel because the driver can't tell how much gas is in the tank. It's guesswork at the start of a shift and they hope for the best.

What a way to run a railway.

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@thepiepolice said...

When I moved to Marple last year I was astonished to find that Labour had no presence in the area. Throughout the entire campaign I recieved not one leaflet or doorstep and saw no Labour canvassers in the town. When contacted the local office the response was "the area is a LibDem strong hold so we decided not to waste our resources". They had our votes on a plate but did nothing to nurture this interest, loyalty and potential resource for campaigning.
God knows I want the LibDems out but If Labour wants my vote they will have to put on a decent show. It was an utter disgrace last year.