Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What is going on at Blackburn Rovers?

As regular Marple Leaf readers will know, I haven't been protesting and ranting about Steve Kean, the manager of Blackburn Rovers. I think it's ultimately a futile exercise. I think Kean is a symptom of a much more serious issue - the hijacking of a senior football club by a super agent and the mismanagement by proxy by clueless owners.

I asked last season what money Venky's had used to buy Rovers. The Walker Trust never thought any of the Indian buyers who showed an interest were serious. They simply thought they'd fail to come up with the money. Whether they are doing it with other people's money, or borrowed money is the killer question. Many of the new signings have been free transfers and the Phil Jones money seems to have vanished. I've never been convinced the Venky's understood even the most basic details of how to run a football club prior to the purchase.

It is an abject shambles, a hopeless mess.

The video above may not work, and it may get taken off YouTube, but it makes for horrible viewing. It wasn't me that made it by the way, but a lad called Andy Rothwell.


Dante Stivano said...

When you see it altogether like that it does put it in perspective. Too much perspective. I stopped going on the match two years ago, after the death of the Rovers fan at Stoke so I have no strong opinion on Kean but it does seem bizarre how he's hanging on, maybe he has some incriminating photos somewhere of the owners??

As you say, it's symptomatic of the power-shift in modern football which is now way, way beyond the ordinary fan. Sad...

Michael Taylor said...

It is sad. And I know how much joy and humour it used to inspire in you as well.

I think it has ceased to mean as much as it did. I meet regular lads like us who are drifting away in droves. Not just Rovers either.

Hope the family are well and you are content with what other delights life can bring.