Monday, July 18, 2011

Wasn't the golf brilliant?

Really enjoyed that epic final round of the Open yesterday. Darren Clarke was an inspiration. I was particularly proud of my good pal Mike Finnigan who has been working with Darren and got a special mention in the paper here. The biggest barrier to success has been Darren himself - Finn has taught him a winning mentality - so many of the commentators and observers spotted it.

I spoke to Mike yesterday, the full story is here.

It also proves an old maxim about golf being a game played over six inches - between your ears. Inspirational.


Anonymous said...

As he won his first tournament in 1993 and this was his 15th career win, I somehow doubt that Mike Finnigan has 'taught him a winning mentality'. I suspect it's more to do with him being in a good relationship after the trauma of the last few years and him realising that time was running out to pin a Major on his CV.

Michael Taylor said...

Well, yes, but... he'd got out of the habit and certainly had something extra this time. And he thanked a few people for helping him get there, Mike included.