Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why aren't I into Doves?

Everything about Doves suggests I should like them. Triumphant expansive sound, parochial North West  references. A nod to prog in that they are technically very accomplished and experiment with different sounds. To cap it all, they seem like really nice lads. It hit me tonight on the way home on the train, the opening guitar on the opening track on Last Broadcast - Words - is a stirring anthemic intro as good as anything you could hear on a random shuffle. Then comes the voice. It just isn't strong enough, or distinctive enough. Vocals don't have to be powerful and domineering. Am I too shallow to appreciate the point of Doves enough? Is there another entry point I should try? The critics seem to universally love them, so I guess it really must be me. I read somewhere that they are friends with Guy Garvey and may work together. That has potential.

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That is exactly how I feel about Elbow