Friday, August 14, 2009

Football predictions 2009/2010

It's become a tradition on this blog to predict the Premier League places and some other issues around the other leagues. Last season was a total wipeout. Here's what I reckon this time.

1 Chelsea
2 Liverpool
3 Manchester United
4 Manchester City
5 Tottenham
6 Arsenal
7 Aston Villa
8 Everton
9 Sunderland
10 Fulham
12 Wigan
13 Stoke
14 Bolton
15 West Ham
16 Portsmouth
17 Burnley
18 Wolves
19 Hull
20 Birmingham

League Cup: Manchester United reserves
FA Cup: Liverpool
Champions League: Real Madrid
Scotland: Do you know what? I couldn't care less.

Nothing particularly controversial there. I think from Rovers downwards it's all going to be pretty grim stuff. Gary Megson will be the first manager to get sacked. I think we'll lose at Turf Moor but win at Ewood.

Elsewhere, West Brom to win Championship, Ipswich and Derby to come up with them. Newcastle nowhere. Blackpool to go down, PNE comfortable mid table.

Huddersfield and Charlton to go up. Dirty Leeds stay down. Stockport County to go down.

Notts County on the way up with Shrewsbury and Rotherham. Morecambe in the play offs. Sad farewell to Accy Stanley.


Unknown said...

If you think there's nothing much controversial in predicting Spurs will finish fifth and Everton eighth then you're on the wrong brand of coffee, old chap. £50 to Claire House Children's Hospice says we finish above Spurs. Again.

Vinjay said...

Hopefully that Man United prediction comes true. The 3rd place I would rather they didn't win the league cup or anything else.

The biggest game of the season is in October and as far as I'm concerned it's the visit to Old Trafford not some parochial nonsense. Jack Walker and Peter White would have said the same they hated Man United. For now though my sights are focused on beating Hughes later this afternoon.

Nothing I want to see this season more than a takeover.

Nigel Barlow said...

Burnley above Wolves-no way Michael and I think that Stoke will go as well but not Hull. otherwise I think that you are not a million miles away but I do fancy Liverpool for the title.

Interesting one is Arsenal outside the Champions League places-will be make or break year for Wenger's youngsters

Michael Taylor said...

Happy to have that bet about Everton, but will you after this weekend's results?

Vinjay - I too hope the full stadium and a stout team spirit gives Rovers a unique quality that will tempt a buyer.

And Nigel, we'll see eh? I thought McCarthy was very defeatist yesterday.