Tuesday, August 01, 2006

State control of the population

Sustainable development and environmentally-friendly living have become the twin mantras of the modern age. Only this morning as I drove my BMW 4X4 the short distance from home to work I was treated to more water torture of controlling drivel on Radio 5 Live. Some toss about how single men are a threat to the planet, because they leave the Sky Plus box on standby.
There was even a suggestion that communal living was a better way. That single households were to blame....for what?
It's summer and there's sod all to talk about on the news, apart from Lebanon, so this may be throw away chit chat. But be aware that some policy wonk or other will begin seriously suggesting tax breaks for communes. A new tax on fridges. A levy on DVD players. A fine if you don't take your plastic bottles to the tip (I do, by the way, but then I drive a car with plenty of room).
The solution to the greenhouse effect, if it exists, does not lie in peddling guilt and micro-management of people's lives. It lies in developing better and more effecient energy resources. But this doesn't interest the busybodies, quangos and self appointed environmental do gooders. This all comfortably satisfies a need to control, legislate and nanny, because underpinning it is a world view that says people cannot be trusted to control their own lives so we must do it for them.

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Steve Connor said...

Wah Wah Wah Technofix Wah Wah Wah leave me alone in my car Wah Wah Wah you're all out to get me...

Come on Michael. The answer doesn't like in new energy sources or whizzbang gadgets that take their energy from small pocket-sized nuclear reactors - the answer lies in using less.

For every watt of energy you use at home, 4 are lost through inefficiencies in transmission, 4 more through power station inefficiencies (guess what - they lose loads of heat - shock horror!) and 4 more through fuel and transport inefficiencies.

What does that mean? Well - if you save one unit of energy at home you save 13 at the other end of the energy chain.

This makes fighting over turbines or reactors daft and unnecessary - it's time to get on that pushbike of yours... you might even start to make a dent in yer beer belly!

Comrade Connor