Friday, December 08, 2006

Ten thoughts on...comedy

I'm in a good mood today. So as this Friday list thing goes on, here are ten random thoughts on...comedy. Partly inspired it should be said, after watching a clip of Russell Brand, currently the darling of the media biz, who is, alright, but nothing special.

Best TV sketch ever - first time I saw History Today, David Baddiel and Robert Newman 1992
Best spoof TV character interview ever - Ali G and the mayor of Belfast 1999
Best stand-up in a London comedy club - Mickey Hutton 1990
Best live act ever - Bernard Manning at his Embassy Club in 1988
Best comic at an after-dinner business event - Vince Earl aka Ron Dixon from Brookside 2001
Funniest after dinner politician - William Hague 2005
Hilarious website - TVgohome, Charlie Booker's creation of Daily Mail island and Nathan Barley are astoundingly good 1999
Worst stand-up performance of someone who used to be good - Robert Newman 1999
Best guest presenter on HIGNFY - Charlotte Church 2004
And the best comedy TV series ever - The Office 2001

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